PrimeTime Mentoring

The PrimeTime Mentoring Program is a weekly program that matches community members in a one-on-one or group mentoring setting with a student at-risk of academic failure in Spokane County.


Tooth Saves Mobile Dental Hygienist Services provides complete dental cleanings and sealants to youth in the Spokane Public Schools. Services are provided on site at elementary, middle, and high schools for youth regardless of their ability to pay for the services.

Hygiene Supplies

Good hygiene is an important part of a young teen’s health, wellness, and self-esteem. Kids with poor hygiene face harmful consequences. Some are medical: they may be more prone to developing rashes and infections. But equally important, individual students may quickly become known at school for being “dirty.” This negative reputation can be hard to shake and is damaging to students’ self-esteem.

Food Pantries and Clothing Closets

Food Pantries and Clothing Closets can be found on-site at many of our school locations. Sourced through a partnership with 2nd Harvest, as well as through generous donations from community organizations and individuals, these resources provide students with easy and quick access to some of their most basic needs right at school.

Academic Support and Tutoring

Since academic, social, and emotional success matter for each child, Communities In Schools brokers in services for students to help them get on track academically and stay there. In Cheney Public Schools, we partner with the OSPI 21st Century Learning Community grant to provide robust certified teaching after-school 5 days a week.