More students are at risk of school failure than you might realize.  Join us to make a high-impact, personal commitment to mentoring a child 30 minutes to one hour a week at selected schools.  Be a supportive role model by spending time with a student whom you help achieve goals related to attending school, doing well in classes, and getting along with others. You can add long-lasting assets to a child’s life and increase their likelihood of succeeding in school and life. Training and support at your selected school are provided.  It’s a PrimeTime to mentor a child towards lifetime success!

Choose from  over 50 schools in Spokane County.

PrimeTime Mentoring Recruitment Flyer 2019-20

PrimeTime Mentor Volunteer Job Description

Steps To Become A PrimeTime Mentor:

  1. Fill out the online application:  PrimeTime Mentor Application
  2. Attend a one-time 2 hour training:

Upcoming Fall Mentor Training Dates:

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Elementary Curriculum

Middle School/High School Curriculum