Twelve year old Teresa, a student at a local Spokane middle school, was a regular participant in Communities In Schools’ after school programs, including the Friday Backpack Food Program. The school’s Communities In Schools Site Coordinator began noticing that Teresa looked malnourished and lethargic. Having already established a level of trust with Teresa, the Site Coordinator gently questioned her and learned that she hadn’t been eating. Teresa’s father was purchasing food just once a month. By month’s end, there was no food left to feed Teresa or her toddler sister.

In addition to acting as her younger sister’s caregiver, Teresa had been giving up her share of the food to her sister and eating little to nothing herself.

Communities In Schools stepped in to provide extra food for the family to help sustain them through the month.

Stories like these are common around Spokane-area schools. The trusting and caring relationships between our Site Coordinators and students helps ensure that fewer local kids go hungry.

At Communities In Schools, we’ll do Whatever It Takes to help a child succeed.

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