Mandy’s lack of confidence was apparent to her 4th grade teachers.

Struggling to make friends, Mandy almost always sat alone at breakfast and lunch.

On the playground, she found it challenging to get involved with the other students.
Mandy met the Communities In Schools elementary Site Coordinator and began to open up a little about what was going on at home. She wasn’t feeling understood or loved. Tensions were high with her older siblings and Mom was stressed out most of the time. Mandy felt guilty asking for her mom’s attention when she was balancing two jobs and the job of raising the family on her own.
The Site Coordinator mentioned PrimeTime Mentoring to Mandy and she was tentative but interested. The mentor was carefully screened and both Mandy and her mentor were matched around the same interests in art, reading, and doing hard puzzles.

Two years later, Mandy is smiling more freely, asserting herself in classes, and she volunteers to help other students who are having a hard time in math.

Mandy’s mentor has been showing up one hour a week for two years during school lunchtime. They eat lunch together then do a puzzle, an art project, or just talk about what’s going on. Mandy’s mentor is excited to put “feet on her faith” in young people.

Matching committed caring adults with students is part of doing
Whatever It Takes to keep students learning and progressing in school.

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