Timmy’s two front teeth were pulled out a few years ago because he needed root canals but his family didn’t have dental insurance or the means to pay for this expensive procedure. Timmy signed up to participate in “Give Kids a Smile Day” because he wanted a new smile. When the Communities In Schools Site Coordinator at his school explained that he might not be able to get new front teeth, Timmy was devastated.

The Site Coordinator told the dentist providing free cleaning and fillings for students on “Give Kids a Smile Day” about Timmy’s situation, the dentist agreed that Timmy needed a new smile. Timmy was fitted for a partial denture a week later for free and now his teachers and peers see how his self-confidence has increased. His smile now matches this outgoing 7th grader’s personality.

Communities In Schools Site Coordinators finds community resources to ensure their students have access to basic needs such as proper dental care. There are hundreds of students like Timmy and that’s why it is so important to have¬†Site Coordinators¬†placed within schools to identify students needing extra support and resources.

At Communities In Schools, we’ll do Whatever It Takes to keep students healthy and happy at school.

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