Stephanie was failing three of her four core classes. She also had a truancy petition filed with the juvenile court due to high absences.

The Communities In Schools Site Coordinator at her middle school entered her life and worked with Stephanie to establish trust and rapport. She then began working to help meet her basic needs by enrolling her in the Friday Backpack Program and the Fresh Start Hygiene Kit Program. At daily check-in times, the Site Coordinator encouraged her to get involved in the Communities In Schools after school program.

During a home visit, our Site Coordinator found a very frail mother, almost unable to walk, and an environment she knew was unsafe for children.

Upon leaving, the Site Coordinator called local police to conduct a safety check for the children. The children were removed that night and placed in emergency care. During the bumpy months that followed the Site Coordinator maintained trust with Stephanie and checked in with her daily. The student experienced more trauma as she was placed in a shelter, foster care, and finally to a permanent placement with a family member. Through these transitions, the Site Coordinator supported her.

Last semester, Stephanie was on the honor roll and was chosen as student of the month by her peers and teachers.

Her need for guidance, support, and encouragement continues and she meets daily with the Site Coordinator who provides this vital connection.

At Communities In Schools, we’ll do Whatever It Takes to help a child succeed.

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