The Secret Door

Joseph John, Age 10, 5th Grade

The secret door part 1, Me and my friend Jonathan were walking back home to watch TV. We were in a forest hopping around not expecting anything at    all. We heard a noise, it sounded like a robot speaking  English for the first time.

Me and Jonathan were scared and brave at the same time, we saw where it was coming from. It was a door the size of 2 children. We saw it a couple of times, but it wasn’t smashed and looked really old, and there was a bell “You thinking what I’m thinking jo?” Jonathan said pointing at it “Yeah, we should tell adults” I said spooked “No I mean go ring the bell, are you scared are something?” “No, I only want to go home and watch TV,” I said angrily. Jonathan ran to the door. I tried stopping him, but he was too fast, he rang it “Ding dong!” The bell sounded like a war horn, but it was tiny but then the door opened the robot sounds kept getting louder. In a blink of an eye a giant arm as big as the door swiped Jonathan then it closed.

The secret door part 2, I tried opening the door even when the bell didn’t open, I looked around trying to find something to break the door. I found nothing but sticks and trees, ran back to the town trying to find someone to help me but no one answered me, “HEY I NEED HELP I NEED HELP, ANYBODY!” no one answered again. I finally went back home. Mom and dad were sleeping, and the door was locked. I tried calling them, but it was no use, it was already dark, and the sky was sleeping as well. I was panting then I started to go back to the forest, when I got back the door was gone there wasn’t a big door with no room on its back side.

The secret door part 3, it was the next morning I woke up in the forest leaves on my body, I shaked my head all the way to my toes and started looking for the door. I found it! But it was a different door. It wasn’t wooden and rocky, it was colorful, it had rainbow colors and every blink I took it changed color, there wasn’t a bell and no string attached to the bell it was a door handle. I opened the door. It was a room inside the door. When I looked on the back side of the colorful door there was no room. I slowly came in the door and shutted “This is feeling like a horror movie” I carefully walked around the room it was nothing but colors, I looked around some more and found another door “Was this here before?” I walked up to the door and opened it. “Huh

another door?” I opened the door “What?!? Another door?” 7 more doors opened later, “Finally a room but this doesn’t look like a colorful room, looks like a puzzle” The puzzle looked like a pushing puzzle, I pushed all the crates to all the buttons “Done! Hmmm may-” a trapdoor below me swung opened “AHHHHHHHHHH!!!” I fell down.

The secret door part 4, “Who’s there!” Someone said, “Am jo please don’t hurt me” “Wait… JO?!?!”

“Huh?” “Jo! It’s me Jonathan!” Jonathan was surprised “Jonathan?!? I thought you died!” “Pussh, I never die the big arm disappeared for some reason, then I did some quizzes about arms lol” “What?” “Yeah, the quizzes were ez” “But how are we gonna get out of here?” “I don’t know” we started to look around. “Hey, look Jonathan I found another door” “Sweet” “It looks like we need a code for it” “Hmm, Oh yeah when the giant hand took me I saw a number on his thumb, it was like… 052?” I pressed those numbers on the keypad “Woosh!” the door opened.

The secret door part 5, “Huh? Where is the outside” I said “Hmm maybe another puzzle” Jonathan seemed happy. The puzzle needed two players of course. Jonathan and I can do it but when we tried doing it… “What!!! Where do we start there’s two starting pictures and 5 words saying start!” Jonathan was angry but luckily it was the colors that were important not pictures or text. “Look, the color is a pattern and there’s a keypad there!” I looked at the color pattern “Red, orange, blue, purple, that’s the code!” when Jonathan said that he ran towards the code and opened the door.

The secret door final part, It was outside Jonathan and I saw a beautiful sky with spring clouds and trees. We didn’t waste any time and ran towards our homes. Our parents were so worried about us they actually put people to find us, but we are here now and, we were in the door rooms FOR 5 MONTHS?!?!! Maybe but spending time there is WAAAY longer than here, and we thought she was lying, and she was too when we told her maybe we can tell another adventure of the secret door. And it’s still out there maybe when we are older maybe we can see it once more. THE END maybe?